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Shan Miller - Artist and Designer from Torrington, Devon

Your Place or Mine, referred to as Shan's 'interior design' exhibition, features a selection of painted panels depicting film stills, American style billboards and situational scenes. These can be installed as bath panels, headboards, in recesses or even as cupboard doors.

Shan says "Not being a fan of wallpaper, I like the individuality that these panels give to a room. They can even cover up cracks and flaws in the plasterwork!"


2' x 2'


Art Deco number 1
5' x 4'


Doris and Rock
3' x 1'


The Graduate
3' x 4'


Hilda Ogden
3' x 4'


3' 6" x 3'


18" x 2'


Art Deco number 2
5 ' x 4'


Taylor and Dean
2' x 2'

18" x 24"